brace yourself.
it's the quiz that could change your life.
which ___girl are you?

In regards to men and their shoes:
The uglier, the better.
The ones that are good for dancin' get your vote.
Classic sneakers rule.
Vintage shoes are the best.
Eh, shoes don't really matter all that much.

The zoo calls and says you can pick an animal for a pet. (Work with me here.) You choose:
A chimpanzee.
A giraffe.
A goat.
A tiger.
A leopard.

Let's say that you go out to dinner with someone in the band. (Again, work with me.) What scenario appeals to you the most?
You go out, but get distracted by fun windowshopping.
You go to Chik-fil-A and eat it in the car on the way to the bowling alley.
You go to the best vegetarian restaurant in town.
You get Chinese takeout and watch movies.
Who needs to go out when he can cook like a motherfucker?

Pick one CD:
Elliott Smith, XO
OutKast, Stankonia
Jeff Buckley, Grace
The Best Classical Album in the World... Ever!
Hedwig and the Angry Inch motion picture soundtrack

Pick the level of cleanliness that you find most endearing:
Almost supernaturally clean.
Normally clean.
Well, the hair's always washed, anyway.
The hair is always unwashed.
You embrace all types of nastiness or cleanliness.

In regards to men and their hair:
Whatever looks good under a fedora.
Nice hair is extremely important. Mmm.
Hair looks best when it's unwashed.
Hair that you can change is really appealing.
Hair isn't as important as what's inside your head.

Which attitude towards board games is most appealing?
I can't remember where I put the board games....
Is it a drinking board game?
Let's play after I get off the Internet.
Dude, I'm so going to kick your ass.
No, I'm going to kick your ass. *snort*

What are your feelings toward nerdiness?
Nerdiness gets you hot and bothered like crazy.
Nerdiness in terms of pop culture knowledge is really appealing.
You are all about some shy nerdiness.
You prefer quirkiness to nerdiness.
You prefer inscrutability to nerdiness.

What oddball talent is most appealing in a man?
The ability to freestyle.
The ability to tie his own wrists together in seconds.
The ability to hit really high notes.
The ability to swing dance.
The ability to make his own furniture.

Sometimes questions are just obvious. Who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with?

Your thoughts on androgyny:
Bring on the eyeliner, eyeshadow and nailpolish.
You like boys that look a little like skinny girls.
Big pretty eyes and shiny hair are where it's at.
Does skinniness count as androgyny?
No time for androgyny, let's get some Jack Daniels!

What type of hug do you prefer?
A nice one accompanied by a lot of talking.
A very tight squeeze.
A big bear hug.
A long one where you get poked by knobby elbows.
An awkward one, but hey, maybe you get to touch his hair at some point.

Another obvious question. What is most likely to delight you at a show?
Matt coming out into the audience.
Evan singing.
A long cello solo from Ward.
Jonny doing a really funny song as his solo.
Jay looking at you (ohmigod, he looked at you?!)

Choose the level of scariness you find most appealing:
The stranger the better.
Seems scary, but is really just weird.
Intimidation and snarkiness make me weak in the knees.
A little scariness and freakiness every now and then is cool, but it's mostly for show.
I've never really gotten the scariness thing.

Hey! Look over there!
Awesome! Yeah!
WOW, that's AMAZING!
Seen it.
Wow.... that's really cool....
Yeah, dude, I've got a story about that.

Lastly, pick the word pair that appeals to you most.
"sexy" "dorky"
"Jack" "Coke"
"skinny" "evil"
"hot" "nerdy"
"white" "pants"

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