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"Beep beep. It's the ho train. Get off." -Julie

"I think what I need is not a boyfriend, but a pet boy. Ward Williams would be a good boy to have for a pet. He could run around his Ward pen in the backyard all day...." -Jasmine

"What better procrastination than a band, I ask you?" -Loni

"Your hair is too clean; it doesn't stick up when you move it." - Adia, on the difference between Loni and Matt

"i just sort of have this mild obsession with wardie's cuteness. so sue me." -Jasmine

"i think debilitating crushes on ward are a great idea, and that everyone should have one." -Jasmine

"not only does jump's music make me feel young and innocent and like my heart will burst, their presence turns me into a complete adolescent." -Jasmine

"I think it really means a lot to the fans when a band interacts with them and especially has good eye contact. That's one of the best things about seeing a live band. It's so sad that more bands don't have better contact. I know it can get so tiresome being on stage every night but Jump really doesn't show it. You can always tell that they love doing what they do and they care about the fans. Or either they're just really good at pretending to care.....but I don't think that is the case. And they're so good to always come out and chat after shows. And you know they have to be tired! That just really means a lot and I hope that never changes with them." -Stephanie

"I guess when you're around someone for 8 years straight you either kill them or hump them onstage in front of hundreds of people." -me

"I'm sexy. I'm funny. I drive my car well. Hey, pretty lady over there, looking at me. Aw, yeah, I see ya. You can look, but you can't touch, sweet honey." -Pamie

"How big can a tongue get?" -"Chasing Amy"

"why are jay clifford's messy and neglected curls so attractive, while mine just make me look like i slept under a bridge? it's not fair!" -Jasmine

"Even in my anesthesia induced haze, I was thinking of Matt Bivins." -Chrissy

"From the outside looking in, you can't understand it. And from the inside looking out, you can't explain it." -Jessica's boss

"We are friends of perhaps the happiest band in the world! Shouldn't we be happy?" -Stephen Wood

"Why settle for a ukelele when you can play the cello?" -Finch from "Just Shoot Me," telling someone he's got a big penis

"Man, first MTV canceled 'Sifl n Olly'.... Now this...." -The Boondocks

"All right! Ward's disrobing!" -me

"We [possibly "I"] want to have your babies!" -random girl at the VP

"Oh my god, it's my own personal twilight zone!" -me

"But Jay? Later on when I saw him outside? He's seriously cute. He really is." -my mother

"Jonny is cute too. In a more... less... classically handsome way." -my mother (she wasn't being mean)

"Well, that, I guess, is the beauty of Jump, Little Children. There's something for everyone." -my mother

"Honk!! If you rock!!" -sign

"i wish i was on your quotes page. unfortunately, i don't think i have any of my really good j,lc related quotes stored anywhere but the deepest recesses of my libido. :)" -Sara

"I HEART your quote page. I read the quotes and I just laugh and laugh and laugh. I read the ones I've already read and I laugh. I read the new ones and almost fall out of my chair in complete hysterics." -Wiz

"hey is it just me, or does evan look a lot like nancy drew these days? evan bivins, teen detective. i think i like the sound of that." -Jasmine

"i loved the quotes." -Matt

"If you're insane, then your band is automatically gonna kick ass." -Jasmine's friend Robert

"Before you say anything: no, they are not gay." -Kathy

"He should either be illegal or public domain." - Loni's friend Julie about Matt

"I can so see Matt flipping through a Victoria's Secret catalogue more to look at the clothes than the breasts." -Chrissy

"I was home alone, no door locks, and BOYS started TALKING in my little house. I was SO freaked." -Loni on not being aware of the hidden track

"did you ever notice matt bivins is the exception to every rule? i'd even share my cosmetics with him." -Chrissy

"I have this feeling that I should really love Jonny the best cause he's a dirty Frenchman, but I'm still a Matt girl." -Chrissy

"You better watch out or I'll quote you." -me to Jen :)

"Me and Ward have had the same hairstyles all through our lives." -Mike Winger

"Ward is a Hindu god." -me

"Did you ever see that Twilight Zone where the guy signed a contract and they cut out his tongue and put it in a jar and it wouldn't die, it just grew and pulsated and gave birth to baby tongues? Pretty cool, huh?" -Garth, Wayne's World

"Wayne! How you doin'?" "Hey Tiny, who's playing today?" "Jolly Green Giants and the Shitty Beatles." "Shitty Beatles? Are they any good?" "They suck!" "Then it's not just a clever name." -Wayne's World

My dad, at supper: "...chicken thighs." Me, instantly: "Sweet potato pies."

"Bad, bad things. Bad, bad things." -Olivia

"The cello sounds good." -Ward @ soundcheck

"No one in soundcheck is dressed like a ho. It's a miracle." -me

"It all comes around to me and how stupid I am." -Matt

"I love your stage persona." -random girl to Matt

"Evan's a dirty little boy." -Olivia

"There's just too much damn candy for god's sake." -me

"I'm feeling badness." -me

"Anne Martinez, you're the greatest!" -Matt, imitating Elvis postcard

"That sounds exactly like... Foreigner." -Matt, about Foreigner

"Maybe he's pregnant. He's having Ward's love child." -me about Jonny's belly

"It's on the desktop of my mind." -me

"I'm totally feeling the fifth-grade vibe." -me

"Music was the man that made a woman out of me." -Esthero, "Swallow"

"I spend my cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention." -Adam Ant

"I want to breastfeed so I could walk around the grocery store with the baby and order a pound of roastbeef." -Jonny on men breastfeeding

"A wise man once said, 'Do what you love and the ridicule will follow.'" -Rich Brown, "The Daily Show"

"I'm too cute to die!" -Shannon's son

"Are those... hoochies?" -Loni's mom

"Those are groupies." -Furman guy to friend, matter-of-factly, seeing a group of us walk to the PnF

"I always thought [Ward] was the boring, stupid, dorky one." "Until he knew your name!" "That's how I used to feel about Matt!" -Jen, Robyn, me

"Olivia was saying to me about how we're all 'semi-groupies.'" "Groupies without benefits?" -me and Loni

"Playing the harmonica is like being good at sex; you have to know the right time and the right place to suck and blow." - John Popper

"I heard someone doing this awful cover of 'Ramble On' the other day... Oh wait, that was Jump!" -me on the phone with Chris Slack

"Like someone's going to kill Metallica. Like they're going to go to all this effort." -me

"That's a motorcycle jacket. It's made out of leather to protect you from scrapes when your head's bouncing off the grill of a truck." -Daria

"So what's it like being famous, dad?" "People know your name, but you don't know theirs. It's great!" -Bart and Homer

"Only pop music can save us now!" -"The Young Ones"

"Bill says a lot of college girls get caught up in the dirty internet world." -"King of the Hill"

"He refers to our lovemaking as 'the headbanger's ball!'" -Otto's fiance, "The Simpsons"

"To many people, Jump Little Children is, perhaps, the most obnoxious band around." -Birmingham Weekly, 5/4-11

"Who'd have thought we'd find God at a Jump show?" -me

"We're the MPA- the Matt Protection Agency." -Loni

"I still can't believe we frolicked with Jay." - Robyn

"At first I thought the guy with the eyes was really sexy...then I started to get scared." -girl, overheard by Vivian

"Kiss is their own tribute band." -me

"He's all pretty and tiny." -Julie, on Kirk Hammett

"If I were in a band, I'd wear my own shirt." -Julie

"Matt gets way too much attention...he's hot, don't get me wrong, but he just isn't Ward." -Whitney

"I'm telling you, he has the voice of an angel!" "Yeah, in a basement full of hitchhikers." -"Just Shoot Me"

"Most people just get online to delete their e-mail." -Jen

"Does that mean I have to be Wayne?" -me

"Dude, oh my god you guys, we are so funny." -me

"I should drink vodka at every show." -me

"He has to be the diva." -Jen on Jay

On the Backstreet Boys: "How do they sing all the parts?" "Why do they sing all the parts?" -Beth Wood and Jay

"Supercalifrastic!" -Danielle Howle

"I do not have the patience to party on the web." -Danielle Howle

"And then, there was no more heavy metal." -Danielle Howle

"There's no bean in this bag!" -Kip

"Jay has the worst diction. I want to tie him down and cattle-prod him until he speaks right." -Holly

"Jay's like, 'Why have one vowel when you can have all five!'" -Holly

"The passions that drive us should be the ones we respect and admire. To feel contempt for one's own motivations is a vulgar thing." -"Johnny the Homicidal Maniac"

"I'm not gay. I'm very not gay. I think women are the coolest concept in the world. But, dammit, Jay Clifford turns me on!!" -Peter Decker

"Matt Bivins has the sexiest lungs EVER." -Peter Decker

"There's a chick with a really long tongue in one scene. You gotta respect really long tongues." -The Self-Made Critic on "Battlefield Earth"

"I like big tongues and I cannot lie." -Julie

"They should make a baby shampoo commercial with Ozzy. 'No more tears!'" -me

"Oh, I'm all David Bowie and I'm all pretentious and stuff." -Julie

"Those are officially the worst pants I've ever seen, and I've been to 28 Jump, Little Children shows." -me watching Weird Al

"I hate it when people trash guitars. It's like, dude, if you don't want it, give it to me." -Adia

"This is a group of exceptional talents and appealing personalities." -Brian Epstein (the Beatles again)

"He looks like a grandma." -my mother looking at a photo of Evan

"Evan Bivins, teenage grandma." -me and Adia

"Don't laugh at me! I could take out 2/5 of Jump, Little Children by myself!" -Loni

"Cellos. Bomp-chick-a-wow. That's what I think of when I hear cellos. They should have cellos in porno music." -Julie

"Jay wrote that song about me when I was sad. But I'm never sad anymore, 'cause everytime I get sad I get drunk. [people cheer] No, just kidding. It's not a good way to deal with your problems. [people are silent]" -Ward after "Every Time I Come Home"

"Look at the size of that boy's head. I'm not kidding, it's like an orange on a toothpick....Hauling that gargantuan noggin around.... He'll be crying himself to sleep tonight on his huge pillow." -"So I Married an Axe Murderer" [Scottish accent]

"Heather, how did you manage to keep your cool around five good looking guys AND Jonathan Gray?" - Chrissy, to Michael's girlfriend

"You know, you can compare Jay and Evan to John and Paul. No! Don't laugh at me! Don't laugh at me! I'm serious!" -me to my mother

"The first band was an unusual group from Charleston, SC named Jump, Little Children that played a diverse set of rock with country influences but at times verging on screaming metal. They had an interesting stage presence in one lead singer that wore tight floral pants and played a toy mouth keyboard. On their song, "Easter Parade", he was marching around in the crowd with the instrument like a drum major. Some of their songs even approached a hip-hop sound. Altogether, Jump, Little Children offered a very entertaining live show." -March '97 SXSW review

"I just realized something: TLC means Touch Little Children." -Julie

"How sucky is your life if you're 'the ugly Brian May'?" -Julie about REO Speedwagon guy

"Rock me like a dumbass." -me

"The guitars are soft as moss, the cellos heave like sighs; sometimes Healy sounds as if he's whispering in your ear." -Travis, US Weekly review

"Greenville, South Carolina: 'Stay Away,' that should be their motto." -Cane, VH1 "Rock Show" on band problems in that city

"This music gig doesn't pay that good/ But the fans are all right" -Sleater-Kinney

"That's my theory. He squeezes his penis so he can hit the high notes." -Nicole, on Jay

"Now that we've all made groupies out of ourselves, let's go get some coffee." -Sarah after Rosebud

"Cap'n Wardie for President" -Anna and Nicole

"Like, I could have a hamster named Ward Williams, you know." -Anna

"Look, a new Dick Tracy character. Accordion Head!" -Bugs Bunny

"Jay's Special" -coffeehouse menu, Columbia (the owner is named Jay) (but still)

"'Cause say what you will about Jay...the power of Voice cannot be denied. Just ask all the straight boys who are in love with him." -Jasmine

"Let's accost Jay and fondle his curls!" -me

"I love how you had a botanical conversation with Jay." -Loni to me

"Most people try really hard to not humiliate themselves in front of Jump, and end up doing it. I, on the other hand, never do it accidentally, but actually TRY to humiliate myself!" -Loni

"What are you mailing in, boxtops from Jump, Little Children the cereal? Jump, Little Cereal. With extra stuff to make you jumpy." -Julie

"The songs! The unsightly bulges!" -VH1 teen idols show opening line

"Being on the road is so tough because there's just shit everywhere. We know each other way too well." -Matt Scannell, Vertical Horizon. This website does not endorse Vertical Horizon.

"You know what would be cool, is if someone could play two cellos like this." "That would be impossible." "Not if they had four arms.... Do you realize how far their legs would have to be spread?" -Julie and me

"Don't forget, pump your loins, children!" -Joe Strummer reciting Chef's motto, "South Park

"Nothing like accordion music to get me hot." -sarcasm by Minnesota's Diane Ford, comedian

"Then he meets this chick and she's like, 'Heyyyy. I like my nerdy men very androgynously gay.'" -Julie on "Pretty in Pink" plot

"See, Jay, that boy is a piece of art, and Matt, well--" "--is a piece of ass." -Erin and Ashleigh

"For example: we were on the road with the Nields last week, a band I know I have told you about, they are magical. Opening for them is good because their music is somewhat similar to ours: folk influenced, song-based "pop", difficult to describe. They have three Daves, a Katryna and a Narisa. Dave on bass jumps around, Dave on drums is energetic and makes faces, Dave on guitar writes and plays hard-rock solos, Katryna sings and wiggles perfect hips, and Narisa is the beautiful singer-songwriter. You can imagine why we get along so well with them." -Matt

"J,LC doesn't seem like a hetero guy kind of band." -Julie

"For us, playing music is like sex. When we rehearse, it's like foreplay, and the live show is like the orgasm. So, we've got this show on Thursday, and, um... we'd like everyone to come!" -Lee Corum, Some Soviet Station

"It's always the strange kids at school who get to be rock stars." -Adia

"You know what I can't get enough of? Horny demonic band guys wearing black fingernail polish. I mean it. I'm not trying to be a smart ass." -Julie

"If you're a chick dating a guy in a band, you're stupid if you think he's not having sex with anyone else." -Julie

"They all have very pretty cheekbones." -Julie on Jump

"Barbie and Ken have taken over rock and roll and nobody admits they care." -A&R, Bill Flanagan

"Not just any noise, but the demon sounds of the accordion...." -"The Daily Show" polka story

"Assemble men in a small group with a common aim, and they can be made to do almost anything." -Desmond Morris

"There are pictures where he looks hot and pictures where he looks like a dumbass." -Julie on Matt

"Jay has scary hands." -Kathy

"See, Ward's cool and wears the baggy pants. Jay wears those skinny pants and that just makes his head look so big." -Kathy

"They're not cool enough to kidnap groupies. They're not Led Zeppelin." -me, about AC/DC

"I got very carried away emotionally and I forgot for a moment that I was playing the cello. I lunged forward and popped my rib. I immediately knew what happened because I almost couldn't breathe. But I finished the concert. I went backstage and lay down on the floor, and they practically had to scrape me up. I couldn't play for weeks. Now I use a scarf to pad my ribs." -Sara Sant'Ambrogio of the Eroica Trio

"I'm sort of a one-band woman." -Ruthie

"All songs are about sex in my opinion." -Shannon

"I'm dating this guy who looks just like Jay only his head is smaller." -Sarah's friend Jennifer

"It's during Matt songs that I pretend I'm a cello." -Ruthie
"It's during Matt songs that I pretend I'm electricity!"-Shannon

"There's something about manual and oral dexterity that just does it for us." -Ruthie on the merits of musicians

"Ward and I spend a lot of time looking at each other." -Ruthie

"It makes his name sound all phallic." -Julie on Jay's full name, James Major Clifford

Mike Winger: "Welcome back from the break, I hope you all got food and drink."
Jay: "Did you say 'Welcome back from the grave?'"

"And so the band's music grew on me, and then my best friend dragged me to a show so I could see how beautiful they were, and lo, I said unto myself: Uh huh huh huh. They're all hot and stuff." -Jasmine

"Boy, somebody's gonna get a big fruitbasket tomorrow!" -"Friends" (hi Olivia and Julie!)

"He's spooky big-head man!" -someone who would probably rather be anonymous, about Jay

"Lisa, all great artists love free food." -Homer Simpson

"Someone once said that before you see them live, you're a fan. After you see them live, you're obsessed. Sad that my love affair with a band is more romantic than any love affair I've had with someone I actually know." -Erin

"It's rock and roll, brother, and we're rocking tonight!" -"Rock Around the Clock," 50's movie

"Oh God, there's nothing worse than Pat Boone." -Julie

"Sing Boy Sing" -50's movie title

"It's a good thing I was getting off while I fainted." -Julie as girl at Beatles' show, while watching the movie "I Want to Hold Your Hand"

"It's always creepy when the drummer sings." -Julie, on the Monkees

"That's a great idea, Pizza Face! We'll form our own band! Then the girls will have to like us, no matter how repulsive we are!" -"All That" sketch

"i wonder if some 7 year old kid looked confusedly at ward and jay on the teacup ride and wondered who the big kiddies were." -Sarah, on the alleged trip to Disney World

"Okay, great, now there's a lingering image on the back of my brain of Ward and Jay riding the teacups." -Jasmine

"He left her for the 14-year-old groupie he had kidnapped! That is the coolest thing I have ever heard." -me, on Jimmy Page and Pamela Des Barres

"Most guys in bands look like homeless people." -Julie

"He's got a humongous melon, man!" -Garth

"The guitar's in the way!" -Julie about Gavin Rossdale

"If I didn't get out of the theatre once in a while I'd think the entire population was female and under 20." -woman in Elvis movie

"Baseball players are bad, but skinny band guys are worse." -Trevor, Julie's husband

"Visions of cathedrals from a shopping mall/ Philosophy from a bathroom wall" -2 Skinnee J's, "Ball Point Man"

"I wouldn't mind being Jump, Little Children." -Amber

"Cyn says she'd never have sex with someone she met in a club. Players everywhere groan and sigh. That's like saying you won't have sex with a musician! Anytime you get approached in a club, it's for sex." -Real World Miami recap

"...but... but...i would LOVE to be in Tiger Beat!" -Matt (I find this disturbing)

"When sexy becomes annoying." -MST3K

"You guys ever notice those girls in front of us when we play? What's that about?" -MST3K

"If he was a children's movie, he'd be 'Babe.'" -me

"Once you get girls screaming, you can't stop them. They're crazy." Chef, "South Park"

"All right, ladies and gentlemen. You know hopefully all the time, but at least when you come see a Jump, Little Children show we're all one, big happy family, you understand that?" -Ward, 7/17/99 (thanks to Olivia)

"Jay Jump" -name

"Okay, we all may be a little crazy about this band--" "Really?!?" Shannon, Ruthie and I

"Evan's a sly hammer dulcimer bitch." -Ruthie

"Don't they have any other clothes??" -me

"An erudite homeless crack addict." -my mother's concluding description after my description of Ward, scruffy with glasses

"As always, the recaps are very fun to read and I'm glad that you share them. I always want to write gushy tales of how I love each and every one of the Jump guys when I read your experiences." -Olivia (pardon the self-promotion)

"I like to amuse myself by trying to dislike them and it never lasts." -Adia

"The cello section seems pleasant, and cellists seem like such nice people. The way they put their arms around their instruments, they look like parents at a day care center zipping up snowsuits. They seem like us: comfortable, mid-range, able to see both sides of things. And yet, there's something about the cello that's hard to put your fingers on. It just doesn't seem right. Maybe, it's the way they hold the instrument the way they do. Why can't they hold it across their laps? Or beside themselves? I'm only asking." -Garrison Keillor

"Dump Little Children" -Julie's slip-up

"However, with a cello you can at least get someone off. With a ukelele you can't get off a porn star." "What an odd mental image.... Oh, we're speaking euphemistically." -Julie and I

"I always wanted to be in a band just so I could play with boys." -Julie

"Why does the devil always have facial hair?" -me

"I'm paying you to give cello lessons, not to pervert my child." -"Cruel Intentions." A quote like this feels like a victory.

"He has Snuffleupagus eyelids!" -Carmen on Jay

"look you skinny little bigheaded chicken eatin' cupboard buildin' freaks! NO FRILLS! just play." -Carmen, on the next tour

"i just like to blame them for all the wrong-doing in the world. it's just easier to get mad at them because they're so darn cute." -Carmen

"Matt does that song.... Not 'I Got A Man.'" -me to mother, watching rap CD commercial ("Parents Just Don't Understand" was rapidly followed by "I Got A Man")

"I think anybody who snorts when they laugh-- it's always a good sign." -Christian Bale

"Look at my penis-guitar." -Julie

"I like it when the band communes and the audience connects. The circle gets connected and the audience gets lost in the song." -Keanu Reeves

"I don't think there is a malice coming out of Napster. We allowed people to tape our concerts from the beginning, and the record company questioned us about allowing that. But my thinking was that it only makes people want to buy more and increases the devotion of people who are going to listen to us." -Dave Matthews

"A tongue the size of a sleeping bag!" -Crow on hideous giant body parts a la Torgo, MST3K

"Your halftime show! Yo Yo Ma and the entire Bach cello suite!" -Mike, Arkansas football game, MST3K

"I'm sure you didn't know your grandmother was an opium junkie.... She was an opium whore." -"MadTV"

"Your disproportionately large head gives you a marionette-like quality." -Jack to Will, "Will and Grace" (thanks to Olivia)

"it's scary! jump probably has the most vicious set of groupies!" -Olivia

"There should be a band called Annoying Boys." -me

"Come visit Ozzy at historic Ozzyland!" -Julie

"That would rock more than rock would ever rock." -Mike Winger

"Menage a trois involving a guitar." -Julie

"I think Jump, Little Children is destined to stay underground. No offense to them." -Julie

"I prefer skinny guys. They can't push us around (physically), and they're easier to hug." -Lin Packer to Parade

"why does anyone think matt is sexy? this is something i don't even understand about myself." -anonymous

"One day I want to dress Ward up in a red and white striped shirt and a toboggan and scream 'Where's Wardo? Where's Wardo?'" -Anna

"I hope you have a big scary tongue in that big scary head of yours." -Julie

"Candy and Jump are like inseparable concepts now." -Loni

"I love Jump, Little Children for making Loni so sexual." - Karly

"This is Anne! She's a groupie too!" -Sara Miller

"You're as deep as the fucking ocean with your snobbish underground elite." -Jennifer Nettles

"It's a bad name. They never should have chosen Jump, Little Children." -my mother

"The reason they're IN a band is because they all love each other." -Olivia

"What is this thing Ward has for bananas?" -my mother

"I don't want Jump's jelly." -Anna

"Jumpstreet Boys" -Anna's dad

"They probably printed up a shitload of them 'cause they like boobies." -Olivia on the little "I [heart] jlc" shirts

"I think anything any rock star does is fine." -Amber

"Ward Williams is at all times living a rock and roll fantasy." -Jay

"He meditates, and he plays the cello, and he eats ham and eggs." -Jay on Ward

"I don't know how they expect us to stand the entire concert in a constant state of sexual arousal." -Adia

"Easy there, chief." -Jonny to an overzealous Ward

"I showed Evan my breasts. Why did I do that?" -Anna

"Two down, three to go." "Or maybe two up, three to go." -me and Anna on Anna's display of nipple rings to Jonny and Evan

"That is the last straw! That is the last straw! I am officially insane now!" -me after seeing the dealership lot of Park N Flys in Spartanburg just after racing Jump's PNF

"Can't you just see Jump in a yoga class?" -Jennifer

"Ward is so cute." -Anna ("Why don't you tell me about it," I replied)

"Jonny and Ward are sketchy." -Anna

"The guitar can be the single most blasphemous device on the face of the earth." -Frank Zappa

"we put food on his little new yorker table and jailbird pants on his ass!" -Sara on Matt

"Look at me. I have a big head. My head is huge. What do you think, Zorak?" "Big head, big head, big fat head." -"Space Ghost"

"Rock stars are scum." -"The Critic"

"i have figured out the perfect formula for not getting embarrassed at jump shows. talk the least amount possible and don't touch anything." -Carmen

"matt songs, save 'pink lemonade,' are the worst [in terms of crowd reaction]; there is no jumping, just teenyboppers slithering and writhing. they may as well change their name to cross your legs, little children." -John Erskine

"I think our music appeals to intellectual girls because of the sensitivity of the material. We love to see many different demographics represented at our shows, but the majority of our fans fit into that category." -Ward, being diplomatic

"being in a band must rule for guys. girls flash you. think of all the crap they get. it's amazing that matt even has to buy clothing, he gets so much." -Loni

"I need an opiate." -Desired, Virginia Henley

"Music should never be harmless." -Robbie Robertson

"We would come home very angry and sexually frustrated after Jump, Little Children shows." -Jasmine about herself and Kris

"There's a very disturbing sexual dynamic in that band." -Jasmine

"How could anyone not want Ward?" -Jasmine

"Jump, Little Children is NOT the worst name they could have chosen. They could have chosen Diggin' My Potatoes." -Jasmine

"It's fun and easy to sexualize classical instruments." -Jasmine

"The boys have crushes on Jump, Little Children, and some will admit it, and some won't." -Jasmine

"Nathan is our dad." -Matt, '97 show

"Have a very, very good time with Jump, Little Children." -Lokomotiv singer

"You guys should be careful. A car is not a toy." -Ward to us

"I love the effect of fandom, what happens when you love something, and you follow it through its stages of growth." -Cameron Crowe

"When you're watching a band, you see these people that are the guests, and you think, 'Who are these people?'" -Cameron Crowe

"You see, I'm a guy... I don't know of many guys that really care about the pics. I noticed every girl had a camera, but no guys did." -Andy

"There's something delightful about hating the band you love." -Jasmine

"You can't make friends with rock stars. These people are not your friends!" -"Almost Famous"

"Don�t ask me why I obsessively look to rock �n� roll bands for some kind of model for a better society. I guess it�s just that I glimpsed something beautiful in a flashbulb moment once, and perhaps mistaking it for prophecy have been seeking its fulfillment ever since." -Lester Bangs

"The ultimate sin of any performer is contempt for the audience." -Lester Bangs

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