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"Jump, Little Children make passionate, unabashedly charming music that has the power to make people happy." -The Upwith Herald Review's Trend Master

"The cello is a very sexy instrument." -Emily Watson actress, on Leno

"Look, there's one." -my friend Jim to me at a Jump concert upon seeing Jonny

Me, talking about Matt's trying to be sexy: "He makes it so obvious--" Jim: "What, that he's flaming??" Me: "He's not gay!" Jim: "Oops. Don't tell him I said that."

"I think opiates are directly linked to Satan." -Kurt Cobain

"Girl-type screams are silly. When you get a guy that screams, an appreciative-type yell, encouragement, that can kind of turn you on when you're performing." -Rod Stewart.

"Perhaps because of the daily physical contact with this beautiful vibrating instrument, cellists are some of the happiest people we know. They tend to be nice, easygoing and pleasant. And when, in the course of orchestral events, they get a rare melody to play -- watch out! They throw themselves into it with utter passion and conviction." -Classical Music for Dummies

"Ah, the cello. We can't even write about this instrument without sighing. What a beautiful, rich, singing sound this instrument makes." -Classical Music for Dummies

"Dude, that was like so rock n' roll, man." -"Sifl and Olly"

"Well, your tongue works." -"The Simpsons"

"'You can look', she said softly. 'But you can't touch.'" -Valley of the Dolls

"And the Charlestonians took so much upon themselves about Fort Sumter! Good Heavens, didn't they realize that if they hadn't been silly enough to fire the shot that started the war some other fools would have done it?" -Gone with the Wind

"What have you done with the cello??" -"The Critic"

"A gig's a gig." "Wow, Daria, you really know a lot about music." -"Daria"

"Dude, this is totally killer. I hope this goes on for like seven months." -"South Park"

Me, watching "An Occasional Hell" with my mother: "That's Evan. I could beat Evan up if I wanted to." My mother: "That must give you great comfort."

"Yeah, 'Light My Fire' 's gonna sound real good without a keyboard." -Evan, in "An Occasional Hell"

"Stop pushing me. What's going on?" "Just enjoy the movie. It has Tom Berenger." -Bart and Principal Skinner, "The Simpsons"

"I wonder how he talks with his tongue hanging out of his mouth like that." -my best friend about Wakko Warner

"What is he, like, the bad boy of cello??" -a comedian

"You are speaking to the little children and telling them to jump. You are not jumping little children." -My mother

"I'm not scared of them, but that tongue makes me nervous." -Little girl about KISS

"Dance with a bass violin?" -King Friday, "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood"

"I tend to think of the guitar as the instrument of rock and roll because it's an extension of what you've got between your legs." -Paul Stanley

"'Maybe after we do this job, I ought to buy myself a guitar,' Charley said. 'I could take some lessons, get up on stage, and wiggle my butt and sob. That way I might finally get some pussy.'" -Down on Ponce

"Let's put it this way, I'd probably turn gay for Ward." -my friend Milan. Don't I have weird friends?

"I had become a bounden slave in the trammels of opium, and my labors and my orders had taken a coloring from my dreams." -Edgar Allen Poe, "Ligeia"

"Wild visions, opium-engendered, flitted, shadow-like, before me." -Poe, "Ligeia"

"Rock 'n roll starts between the legs and goes through the heart, then to the head. As long as it does those three things, it's a great rock song." -John Cougar Mellencamp

"Rock 'n roll is like an aphrodisiac for people who have everyday jobs and shit." -Slash

"It's not like being in a band is all that fun or anything." -J. Mascis, Dinosaur Jr

"Middle class kids make the best rock 'n roll." -Elliot Murphy

"The singer gets the pussy." -George Clinton

"If I was a girl, I'd rather fuck a rock star than a plumber." -Gene Simmons

"Just rock on, and have you a good time." -Duane Allman

"Like when you wake up that morning, and as soon as you're awake enough to remember, 'Oh, I'm going to a concert tonight,' you call up your best friend. You get excited, you figure out what you're wearing, you decide where you're gonna meet, and then you meet and you go to the venue, and you see all these other people, and you get more excited. Then the opening act comes on, and you're more excited. And the lights go down and: Whoa!" -Joan Jett

"What makes you hot? Something that you want but you're never gonna get." -Jonathan Diamond

"Can't be a real rock star without a backstage blowjob." -Poppy Z. Brite, Drawing Blood

"I tell you what, I could listen to that man sing all day long." -Lisa England, about Jay, of course

"I do have a hand fetish. Powerful hands that can be gentle....Men's hands playing guitar? Watching the hands move on a guitar?" -Nicole Kidman

"I cherish you, almost as much as I cherish my guitar." -"South Park"

"If I got a hat like that, I could be a lead singer. I would be cool." -Butthead

"Singing is the lowest form of communication." -Homer Simpson

"Just surveying my girl kingdom, here." -MST3K

"I hurl my skinniness at you!" -MST3K

"He could sing me right out of my panties." -"Why Do Fools Fall In Love"

"The idea of life is a simple one. Either you're going to enjoy it or you're not." -Gene Simmons

"...and it's a good thing, because otherwise I'm hung like a killer moth." -Gene Simmons

"I can't stick it out all the way for you, because the floor's probably dirty." -Gene Simmons

"You know, people always talk about the tongue, but nobody ever talks about my elbows. I have the most striking set of elbows and nobody gives a shit about them." -You guessed it, Gene Simmons.

"Mandolin players make great lovers, because they tickle each note ten times." -Mae West

"Welcome to hell; here's your accordion." -Gary Larsen

"The harmonica is the mother of the band." -Otis Spann

"All the kids love cello rock." -Rasputina

"Definition of a string quartet: 'A good violinist, a bad violinist, and a former violinist get together with someone who hates violinists to have a discussion about composers.'" -Anon.

"One of the guys from the Buzzcocks told me that violin is the saddest instrument. Since I am well aware that the saddest instrument is the cello, I was so offended." -Rasputina member

"Most rock journalism is people who cannot write interviewing people who cannot talk." -Frank Zappa. I am so there!

"Music is the key to the female heart." -Johann G. Seume

"Music is spiritual. The music business is not." -Van Morrison

"Accordion, n. An instrument in harmony with the sentiments of an assassin." -Ambrose Bierce

Thanks to Kerry for those last few quotes. You rule.

"Out of my great sorrows I make my little songs." - Heinrich Heine

"When I wished to sing of love, it turned to sorrow. And when I wished to sing of sorrow, it was transformed for me into love." -Franz Schubert

"I love music passionately. And because I love it I try to free it from barren traditions that stifle it. It is a free art gushing forth, an open-air art boundless as the elements, the wind, the sky, the sea. It must never be shut in and become an academic art." -Claude Debussy

"He who does honor and reverence to music is commonly a man of worth, sound of soul, by nature loving things lofty." -Pierre de Ronsard

"Music...the favorite passion of my soul." -Thomas Jefferson

"Truly there would be reason to go mad were it not for music." -Peter Tchaikovsky

"Nobody likes rock and roll but the public." -Bill Haley

"Music means itself." -Edward Hanslick

"Music is an outburst of soul." -Frederick Delius

"People often complain that music is too ambiguous, that what they should think when they hear it is so unclear, whereas everyone understands words. With me it is exactly the opposite, and not only with regard to an entire speech but also with individual words. These too seem to me so ambiguous, so vague, so easily misunderstood in comparison to genuine music, which fills the soul with a thousand things better than words." -Felix Mendelssohn

"Music is the most romantic of all the arts-one might almost say, the only genuinely romantic one-for its sole subject is the infinite. Music discloses to man an unknown realm, a world in which he leaves behind all definite feelings to surrender himself to an inexpressible longing." -E.T.A. Hoffmann

"Music is the melody whose text is the world." -Arthur Schopenhauer

"I think that music should be magic and collective hysteria." -Pierre Boulez

"Give me the best instrument in Europe, but listeners who understand nothing or do not wish to understand and who do not feel with me in what I am playing, and all my pleasure is spoilt." -W. A. Mozart

"It's like being at Lilith Fair, only everyone's not as angry." -Dolph, looking around at a Jump concert crowd.

"You know, he might not want to wear a muscle shirt if he doesn't have any muscles." -my mother, about Matt

"If you're in a band, most chicks wanna do you, for some nut reason." -my friend Julie

"This kind of music is calculated to make sensitive college girls wet, and that bothers me, probably because my writing never makes sensitive college girls wet." -Andrew Hicks, in a review of Train's "Meet Virginia"

"I feel sooooo dorky.....I bought this chapstick because it is "Pink Lemonade." -Jennifer's friend Lauren said this, when they were talking about obsessive JLC fans.

"Now, what does that mean? Are you pointing a gun at the children and screaming 'JUMP, damn you!' or is it a nice request?" -Adia's friend Stephanie Lerach.

"Ward lives in a cave and kills things with sticks." -Chris Slack

"Maybe I'd get to shag the drummer." -Girls! Girls! Girls!

"The sexual connotations of the cello's playing position-- legs wide astride-- has made it an instrument that was for a long time regarded as particularly unsuitable for women. Some women were decorously playing the instrument 'side-saddle' into the 20th century, and as late as 1934 the BBC Symphony had a ban on women cellists." -Girls! Girls! Girls!

"Wow, he is hot; in the purple pants! No, the sexy voice man is hot. Oh nooo, the guy with the big guitar is ... or is it the big violin?" -Ann (she was in seventh grade, cut her a break)

"I'm sorry, but how can Matt be the sexiest? I mean, maybe it's because I've never seen them live, but... No way he can beat Ward in that category!!" -Mariana

"Ward makes a great Satan." -Chris Slack

Matt: "Tell them....'Matt's package was showing.'" Me: "But that's every show." -Agnes Scott show, rumors for Opium

"Can we keep you?" -girl in crowd to Ward, Agnes Scott show

"Matt was a bastard to me at Agnes Scott." -Matt

"Matt stole my $35 so I couldn't go to Big Day Out." -Matt

"I unleash my deadly....mandolin?!?"- Dexter, "Dexter's Laboratory"

"Tattoos are like rock stars: They're really cool at first, then eventually they wear out and become annoying every time you see them." -Jane magazine

"There's a powerful relationship between play and opiates in our brains." -a professor on a Discovery channel show

"Once you get the females on your side, you can go then. It just skyrockets. The men will follow." -my music class professor.

"Perhaps now would be a good time to jump around like an idiot!" -"MST3K"

"Cello Peril" -"Daily Show" headline

"Big surprise, a dumbass girl on Opium." -moi

"I want Ward." -a girl next to me at the 10-23 VP show

"If you think I'm cute, you should see my brother" -Matt's shirt, by Tiffany Turner

"Hey hey we're the children, people say we children around, we're too busy childrening...." -MST3K

"Cello music, and the feeling of anticipation." -Piper Perabo, on beauty

"If a man is good with his hands, he's good with his hands." -Molly Shannon

"Rock n roll don't come from your brain. It comes from your crotch." -"Freaks and Geeks"

"You have this thing about cellos." -Chris Slack to me

"Thank you for that lovely tune, that funky music will drive us 'til the dawn. Let's go, let's bugaloo 'til we puke." -"Good Morning, Vietnam"

"Real homey, in an opium kind of way." -"Good Morning, Vietnam"

"When you get home, after the opium wears off, your arms and legs begin to ache, and so you start eating or smoking opium to relieve the pain." -Zuber, Newsweek

"Okay, I understand now. Enlightenment is mine....I wonder if Ward'll be. ;)"- Adia's friend Andrea

"I don't have any questions prepared. In fact I'm a horrible interviewer. I'm really just a big annoying idiot." -Weird Al

"They have tremendous style, and a great effervescence, which communicates itself in an extraordinary way....They are genuine. They have life, humor, and strange, handsome looks." -Brian Epstein, about... ---> the Beatles.

"God! It's the greatest catharsis I've ever had!" -Girl about... --->the Beatles.

"It offends me as a feminist that a woman has to be a good singer *and* beautiful and a man can just be hairy." -"Rock of Ages"

"I've gotta quit this band and start a career in music." -"MST3K"

"Batch Man" -character description, MST3K

"The monster can destroy anything with his tongue!" -Japanese monster movie dialogue

"Androgynous guys are so manly!" -Jackie, "That 70s Show"

"It's those pennywhistles, they just get on your nerves." -Greg Proops, on Irish music

"Are those felt pants? Would you like them to be?" -someone remarking on Matt's felt pants, not to his face

"Jump, Little Children, rock on! Rock my ass!" -a note passed up to Ward at Birmingham, 1/7/00

"Bless your huge little heads!" -Townsville citizen to PowerPuff Girl

"I've listened, from backstage, to people applaud. It's like- like waves of love coming over the footlights and wrapping you up. Imagine- to know, every night, that different hundreds of people love you....Just that alone is worth anything." -"All About Eve"

"Being adored is a nuisance. You will discover that women treat just us as humanity treats its gods- they worship us and keep bothering us to do something for them." -"The Picture of Dorian Gray"

"I feel pretty. Pretty horny!" -April Tuna, "Popular." Okay, so it's not really Jump-related. But it's funny.

"No, not Batman, David Lee Roth!" -me, random remark

"That's the best bass player I've ever heard. He's playing so sweet, I'm getting chubby....Everyone hates the bass player. No one invites the bass player to the party after the show....The bass player is the loser of the band, yes he is." -"Kids in the Hall"

"I want to grab handfuls of music out of the air and stuff them into my mouth." -"White Angel", Michael Cunningham

"He scares me with his bedroom eyes." -Carmen about Jay

"This is what you learned in college: A man desires the satisfaction of his desire; a woman desires the condition of desiring." -"How to Talk to A Hunter," Pam Houston

"'One of the Jump people.' What, are they like, 'The People Under the Stairs?'" -Julie to me

"I've decide I want to be in a band because I want to pick up chicks." -Julie

"They are so maddeningly sexy." -Chrissy

"That's women. They get turned on by weird stuff." -"Freaks and Geeks"

"Her mother can look but she can't touch." -my mother about Chrissy's mother

"Look, Evan. The sun has risen." -anon. :)

"Are you on Opium?" "No, I'm fine." -someone to Jessie back in the day

"South Carolina is hell!" -The Van People

"Cello, twelve fathoms." -"MST3K"

"That is the good thing about rock stars. They're so loyal." -Roseanne

"Even Mr Cracker never counted on Silly Cheese." -Chris Slack

"You feel up for a little jump?" -"The People Under the Stairs"

"I just peed next to Jonathan!" -guy Jump fan

"You go, sassy boys!" -Chris Slack

"Let me die for rock and roll." -Smashing Pumpkins

"I don't think you can wear leather pants and not be evil." -I forget, on a BB somewhere.

"Mrs Crabappel, I *really* need my drumsticks." "Come and get 'em!" -Aerosmith drummer and Bart's teacher in the tour bus, "The Simpsons"

"How many kids have to buy your records before you're a rock star?" -Tales of a Punk Rock Nothing

"I hate people who are dumb." -Nessa

"My excitement suddenly feels strange and heavy." -"Brown Sugar"

"I've been playing cello since fourth grade, but you can't really let loose with a cello, so I also play bass for jazz band." -Thomas Fuller

"...and Satan's so sexy." -Buddy Cole, "Kids in the Hall"

"Women tell each other everything." -"Friends"

"If your *voice* is hot, then *you* should be hot! Those are the rules!" -Kelso, "That 70s Show"

"Oh, this is so good, it has to be fattening!" -Stewie, "Family Guy"

"I'd fuck Jay in a minute." -an unnamed guy

"My songs just come out... kinda like kidney stones." -Jay

"Everyone likes Evan. Little asshole." -Chris Slack (he was joking, I'm sure)

"Ladies, y'all know what they say about men with big heads and big feet, right? ... They broke." -"Comicview" comedienne

"Is this a cello I see before me?" -my mother

"That business with your tongue? What is that? That is disgusting." -"Thelma and Louise"

"It gets worse." "How does it get worse? You're seeing Limp Bizkit." -"X-Chromosome" cartoon

"On CD, it seeps in like aural opium." -Air CD review, Newsweek

"If you're Gene Simmons, you don't need hands, right?" -Julie Strain, "The List"

"Cello on a stick." -my mother

"Um, yes, ba-dum ba-dum... and that's all true." -Eddie Izzard

"Are you an overdue library book? You have 'fine' written all over you." -pick up line

"Bite my ass, Krispy Kreme!" -"Erin Brockovich"

"Matt, Jay, Ward... and those other two guys." -my mother

"Never stop jumping! (Unless, of course, you happen to jump on top of a small child or something. Then you should stop and make sure that they're okay before you resume jumping.)" -Wiz

"I accidentally called 'don't put it on' 'don't get it on' yesterday." -Chrissy

"I lovingly refer to Jay as my favorite dirty whore." -Chrissy

"It's like, have sex to me. Have sex to me now." -Chrissy

"Ward's tongue is amazing. I almost got a crush on Ward from that pic." -Chrissy, storm of hormones

"All South Carolinians think about is sex." -Rob

"There is something about watching someone play the guitar, though...and I went out with a drummer for a while, and drumming suddenly started to look endearing. I think it could be the look of total concentration on someone's face when they're really into playing music; it's almost innocent and sweet." -Bear

"[Religious people] are always so self-absorbed... like those hip musicians with their complicated shoes!" -"Seinfeld"

"You know, Chrissy, you see him playing that cello, and it's intriguing. But then he brings out the electric guitar, and you KNOW who the coolest member of the band is." -Chrissy's mom

"You can touch but you can't look." -my mom, being goofy

"I doubt he can lick his own eyeballs." -me
"Well, you never know." -Julie

"You know, I have way too many quotes about Gene Simmons." -me

"Robots don't give a rat's ass about your stupid band." -twat, a zine

"From Sinatra, to the Beatles, to Mark McGrath of "Sugar Ray." Girls everywhere scream "Take me! Take me." From suburban mansions to trailer parks, girls everywhere fantasize about the rock star of their dreams. All one has to do is study an emerging market to realize the importance of sex in the marketplace." -Bret Easton Ellis

"He's got stuff? Well, most rock guys do." -Julie

"Molest Your Children band!" -Chris

"This will really help with the obsession problem!" -me about my SCETV tape

"He's cute, but he's kind of interesting." -my mother about Jay and Matt

"I must say, he's certainly the most interesting accordian player I've ever seen." -my mother

"There's a lot of body language in this accordian playing." -my mother

"I'm the Jump, Little Children apologist." - me

"Plus, 5 different colors of Jell-O." -Jackie, "That 70's Show"

"What a big head you have, Wayne! 'That's what she said!'" -Garth, MTV awards

Me: Gee, I wonder who gets laid the most.
Julie: [makes tongue lolling sound]
(We were watching a KISS special.)

"Hey, dude, Gene Simmons called; he wants his tongue back." -Julie, same as above, about Ward

"I have a nice body, it's fabulous naked." -Matt

"What's up with kicking my ass?" -Matt

"If it's not about my cock, it's just not worth it." -Evan

"Jay has a big-ass noggin." -Evan

"Evan said that?" -Jay

"Walking around the universe with tight pants on, it's not right!" -Kevin Meaney

"Everybody just takes shit way too fucking seriously, dude." -Tommy Lee

"Can anyone imagine Coleridge writing Kubla Kahn or The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner without opium?" -Richard Zacks, Underground Education

"He has his moments of 'Hey baby.'" -Julie

"I saw myself in these pants and I had to kick my own ass." -Julie

"It's not selling out, it's called making a living, look into it." -Julie

"Any noise that comes out of that cello they're gonna love." -"Lost and Found"

"Hey, I'm nervous." "And I'm shaking." -"Road to Zanzibar"

"I'm Farmer Weird and this is my posse." -Matt 4/7

"That's not meat, it's chicken." -Jonny

Adam: I respect them for their music.
Jen: Well, I respect them for their music too, but they're still fucking hot.

"Let's put Jump, Little Children in the Crypt of Civilization." -Ward @ Oglethorpe

"Right now it's all about TRL and every stinking 13- 18-year-old. Nobody's listening to the great other stuff that's coming out. It's hard to market it right now because everybody's focus is on [teen pop]." -Andy Moreno, Virgin Megastore

"My head's too big." "That's because it's so full of dreams." -"Daria"

"I see you have your accordion. I command you to play it." -Space Ghost

"My hormones are slam-dancing." -Judy Tenuta

"You're neurotic. You need to move on and obsess on something more productive." -"Too Much Coffee Man"

"Hey, you people up there in the balloons! Can you hear us?" "I'd take that as a 'no,' Jay!" -Jay and Matt

"They were wild cows, and they had spicy milk!" -Matt

"I forgot what I was going to say because I got distracted by the circus that is Anne." -Carmen

"It must be an interesting feeling to know that 80% of the people in the audience are looking at your crotch." -me

"He's like, 'Yes, I am so fucking cool.'" -me about Jay

"What a manslut." -Carm on Matt revealing his belly

"There's no accounting for how people act in all the giddy excitement following a Jump show." -Jasmine

"There really were no Dayroom sluts. No one was trying to impress them." -Robyn

"I'm sure every band has at least one slut." -Doug

"He's just mad cause he's not Ward." -Doug

"You make me happy with Jonny Gray." -Doug

"Evan is too far away." -Loni

"Damn. Evan looks good." -me

"I can see Evan in your eyes." -Mary Beth

"Jump, Little Sexual Chocolate" -Mary Beth

"Embrace the nightmare that is Jump, Little Children." -Mary Beth

"You're super cres. You're super crescent fresh, Matt." -me, reassuring

"It's a 20-gallon hat." -me

"Okay, we need to stop talking about Jonny's nipples." -Anna

"What makes Ward Williams so great? Maybe it's his long tongue, maybe it's his undying charm." -Amber Hasty

"Oh god. Those hips." -Chrissy

"If you're going to sit in the front row, at least know the goddamn words." -Steven Page

Sarah: I can just see him taking that bass and knocking Matt upside the head with it, spinning that hairy head of his around a few times.
Anna: Yeah, but I can see Matt stealing his chicken sandwich and then Jonny crying.

"White rock and roll... was never appealing to me. The stances of little white boys never did it for me." -Joni Mitchell

"Wow. You're becoming, like, the Grateful Jump." -my mother

"The great thing about addiction is, it focuses you." -"Avenue Amy"

"I feel like a rabbit." -Matt

"They rarely kick us the Klaussen." -Jonny

"Fellatio isn't what it's all about. For me, the most important thing is still the music. The beer, the parties and the anonymous random orally induced orgasms are just a tiny part of it." -"Area Bassist Fellated," The Onion

"Band members maintain that the money, like the sex, is just a small part of what keeps them going." -"Area Bassist Fellated," The Onion

"Being a member of a rock band is very alluring from a sexual standpoint. Men and women in bands are considered 'cool' by their peers, and that, when combined with a visceral, sweaty performance on the part of the musician, makes them very attractive from a mating standpoint." -"Area Bassist Fellated," The Onion

"Well, the point of being in a band is to get laid." -Julie

"If I were Freddie Mercury, I'd come back and kill everyone." -Julie

"Sluts happen." -Adam Winkler

"Buy our music. We look funny." -Chris

"I'm going to be an effects guitar for Halloween." -me

"'I feel ever so much better,' Charley said. 'We have got that opium out of our heads now.'" -G.A. Henty, "A Pipe of Mystery"

"He sat quiet as if he had taken a dose of opium." -Joseph Conrad, "An Outpost of Progress"

"The beating of drums, the rattle of tom-toms, and the yells and howls of the rebels, drunk with opium and with bhang...." -Arthur Conan Doyle

"Okay, you've got a strange manager, you have a cool name, now all your band needs is some boys, five of them to be exact. Why five? I don't know." -Peter Grumbine

"What makes you hot? Sex on a stick wearing red vinyl pants and a sheer gold button-down shirt with eye make-up and tousled brown hair ... playing a harmonica :)" -Loni's friend Julie

"And that's a threat from Jump, Little Children." -Matt

"Assorted flavors, assorted colors. Kinda sexy." -Matt, about jellybeans

"This is a song I used to play when I was with the Grateful Dead." -Jonny

"Bad Dog Computers" -Atlanta store

The following were sent to me by Cat3882@aol.com

"DAMN, Look at those PANTS!" "Dude, I would lay him in a second!" "Dude, I would lay the guy who MADE those pants in a second!" -Cassie and Ashley about Matt's sexy red vinyl pants

"I'm in love with Jon." "You were just in love with Matt." "I know, now I'm in love with Jon." -Cassie and Ashley

"I'm only getting arrested twice in my life....once for protesting something good....the other for jumping on stage and molesting Matt." -Ashley

"They had better be DAMN glad we don't have front row tickets!" -Ashley

"Yes, I've made them my Habit." "No, dear, I think that it has evolved to an obsession." -Cassie and Ashley

"When Jon smiles, I smile." -Cassie

"if i ever have kids, they'd better be like these kids, cute little art boys in a cute little band. rar." -lalaLindsay, on the Bivinseseses

"that lovely thing to your right is evan bivans [sic]. i don't know what the heck he does. i'm not even positive he's a boy. but isn't he pretty?" -Laini

"It also helps shyness to admit being shy. Publicly. Once. And then move on to the best of your ability. It also helps that I'm an obnoxious person at heart; sometimes having strong opinions allows you to overcome shyness." -Matt

"It's my song! It's my song! It's beautiful!" -Julie about "Bohemian Rhapsody"

"Treat me bad! Bad! Beat me with your guitar!" -Julie about Elvis

"Well he does gyrate all the time, he must have some pretty good muscles in that area." -Julie

"Listen: 'I'm Jimmy Page! I kidnapped Julie!' See? That was him." -Julie

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