You may join Opium (now called Opium2) by going to the Opium Mailing List page. In addition, there is a semi-moderated blog/posting community available at Opium2.com.

Ah, Opium. Bane of my existence for nearly four years, and yet directly responsible for my knowing some of my dearest friends, and having some of my best fun times.

Opium is a mailing list that is meant to be all about Jump, Little Children, though it often descends into name-calling and off-topic blather. However, barring occasional spats most people are very nice and can answer questions you might have. There are several hundred people on the list and it fluctuates in tone and mood. We have varying threads, topics, etc. Please do not send attachments, personals, or one-liners.

((graphics from opium: portrait of the heavenly demon by barbara hodgson))

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